Julie Murphy

Julie Murphy
Julie Murphy

Senior Vice President, Public Relations Division

I run Sage’s public relations division, leading high-impact, creative campaigns for a variety of B2B and B2G technology and professional services clients. When I’m not on the hunt for unique methods that enable our clients to be more relevant, vocal and effective, I spend my time jamming to country music, scoping new trails to hike, and planning my next travel destination.

June 1 2011

Students Bring a Fresh Perspective

In an industry that’s constantly changing, I always find the fresh ideas of recent college grads to be a welcome perspective.

March 16 2011

If you aren’t talking the issues – you’re not in the game

While the world of public relations has changed dramatically in the past decade, there certainly remain a few constants. One of my favorites is the rebirth that occurs every January in PR/marketing agency life. Bigger campaigns, bolder messages, and better differentiation are on the agenda across the board for almost all of our clients. It’s a new year.