Why Should I Hire an Event-Planning Agency?

August 19 2013
Christi Rich
Christi Rich

This is a question that almost every agency event planner has to answer at least once a week. Event planning, once considered one of the many duties of an administrative assistant, has become a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide.

Today, there are multiple reality event-planning TV shows and movies where the protagonist’s profession is in the events industry. The planners are dressed to impress, the events are lavish, and the work looks fun. Political events, Hollywood events, and celebrity weddings are profiled in magazines and the media showcase the style, creativity, opulence and glamour of the events.

Socially, individuals who plan their weddings and milestone events often become wrapped up in the merriment and excitement of the event. I have to admit; even I got caught up in the charm of the movie the Wedding Planner and always purchase the issue of In-Style magazine featuring the Oscars after-parties. And yes, planning my parent’s 25-anniversary party when I was 23 years old made me feel I could plan an amazing party for every couple.

Unfortunately, the movies and magazines do not mention the long hours of planning, difficult contract negotiations, stressful moments of uncertainty that all will go according to plan, and the multiple planning matrixes that it takes to pull off a near flawless event.  Your event does not have to be an inaugural ball or a major personal milestone event to encounter these types of planning pressures. Every event can benefit by hiring an event-planning agency.

Agency planners are typically seasoned planners with over 8 to 10 years of experience planning a variety of event types within a number of industries. They are educated, informed, and aware of the latest trends offering the most innovative and creative ideas for client events. They are connected domestically and, at times, internationally, giving clients access to food, décor, and entertainment that is only accessible by industry insiders. Above all, these seasoned planners are skilled in negotiation and contracts, securing the best rates and in-kind donations that are often considered unobtainable.

An event-planning agency can offer a huge return on investment (ROI)!

Throughout the year, different areas of event management will be highlighted to demonstrate the ways in which hiring a firm will benefit your event. First area of focus is vendor and supplier relationships.

Vendor Connections and Supplier Contacts
An established planner will have a significant number of vendor, supplier, and venue contacts.  They know which caterers specialize in quality food and service for large 100-400 person galas, which creative caterers display their food like a work of art, and which caterers are best for an intimate dinner of 10.

If you want exclusive access, an event agency will give you exclusive access. Agency planners have relationships with prominent restaurants and can secure those “hard to get reservations at the last minute”. They know the production company and the specific vendor that provided lighting for the coveted pre-Super Bowl party and can figure out how to provide a similar lighting effect for a fraction of the Super Bowl party’s cost. They are able to fulfill last minute requests for a specific type of chair to be used on stage for the president of the university with only hours to spare. When a major storm hits and floods your event venue, they can quickly call another venue/hotel, coordinate a transfer of all vendor deliveries to the new space, and work with the stakeholders to communicate the changes to the guests.


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ROI is Key

I've been looking for information on this for a long time. I've been trying to communicate to my boss how an event planning agency would help take the chaos out of planning events in house and increase our ROI. Great read! I look forward to reading your future posts!

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