September 25 2013
Len Johnson
Len Johnson

Selling To Government in a Difficult Environment

Although selling to government presents its own set of challenges, it also presents opportunities for firms that put in the effort, because the government buys all the products and services that the commercial market buys.

The challenges encountered in selling to the government market are now greater than ever before. Fiscal Year 2013 has ended with reduced Federal spending and government furloughs. However, the Congressional Budget Office projects FY14 spending will be more than $3.75 trillion making the government market a segment not to be ignored.

September 16 2013
Steve Winter
Steve Winter

Turning a Passion into a Client

Business runs in strange and sometimes wonderful patterns.  It doesn’t happen often but every once in a while, you can turn something you love into an actual paying client.

Case in point, the Inova Charity Hockey Classic.

August 19 2013
Christi Rich
Christi Rich

Why Should I Hire an Event-Planning Agency?

This is a question that almost every agency event planner has to answer at least once a week. Event planning, once considered one of the many duties of an administrative assistant, has become a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide.

Today, there are multiple reality event-planning TV shows and movies where the protagonist’s profession is in the events industry. The planners are dressed to impress, the events are lavish, and the work looks fun. 

August 12 2013
David Gorodetski
David Gorodetski

My Take on the Opportunity of Reduced Federal Spending

Over the past year, politicians, businesses and the media alike have been bemoaning the effects on the region because of the automatic spending cuts known as sequestration and the drawdown of federal spending. With spending tied so intrinsically to political infighting and government deficits, the region should begin to come to terms with the new reality that reduced government spending is here to stay, and that is a good thing.

The Evolution of News: YouTube and Viral Videos

I used to look forward to reading the morning newspaper to find out what was happening in the world. Buried deep in the pages of my daily paper were not only the top news items of the day, but also many interesting stories. Those intriguing stories made my time with the newsprint enjoyable and added an extra dimension to my morning read.

Times have changed and it’s not the newspaper that captures my interest anymore, it’s instant viral videos that get my consideration now. From my emails to my Facebook page to the evening news, viral videos seem to follow me everywhere I go!

The Fallacy of Virality, or Why It’s Hard to Make Change From A Like

A big rationale for using social media is virality. It’s the belief one can change the wisdom of a crowd by changing its shared experience, without having some third party drive that change. The idea is simple: make that crowd change their beliefs by giving them a piece of content so compelling, that crowd in turn will widely share it in their own words across their own networks.

There’s a big problem with this belief: you can’t make something go viral. When content gets adopted quickly across many audiences, it’s a happy accident at the intersection of content, interest, and opportunity – not some calculated plan with clear probabilities. And when you look at everything that has to happen for content to become viral, you quickly see why shooting for virality just doesn’t make sense:

June 11 2013
Pava Cohen
Pava Cohen


Recently, I’ve noticed that after an event, all the people with whom I’ve exchanged business cards, send me a LinkedIn request the next day. At first, I thought this was timely follow-up, but now I’m pretty sure it’s just a knee jerk reaction. After that initial automated email nothing happens, no phone call, no personal note nothing.

June 3 2013
Charles Wagner
Charles Wagner

A New Way to Target Advertising … By Height

Showing a bit of truly innovative thinking, the ANAR Foundation (Aid to Children and Adolescents at Risk) in Spain has come up with a terrific way to create a single piece of outdoor advertising that holds two separate messages – one that adults can see, and a second one targeted at children who may be possible victims of abuse.

Cultivating Missed Connections

Don’t throw away those old business cards!  They could be worth tens of thousands of dollars!!!

No, this isn’t a telemarketing scam or some annoying internet promotion … rather it’s one of those outrageous realities of business that can actually evolve into new clients.

April 2 2013
Charles Wagner
Charles Wagner

Too Much of A Good Thing

Most people understand the old adage all too well. Too much of a good thing can hurt you. We’ve all been there. Lying in the sun at the beach too long can get you burned, exercising too much can do more harm than good, and eating too much rich food can make you pack on the pounds.

But even with all of that life experience to draw on, people seldom think about applying the same logic to their marketing budget – in particular, to purchasing the right amount of commercial time to achieve their goal.

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